How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

When most people think of getting their home ready to sell, they usually imagine fancy furniture and cleaning up every inch of the bedroom and kitchen. However, if you want to get the most out of selling your property, paying special attention to your plumbing and bathroom systems can add huge value to your home. Here are some of the top ways you can improve the value of your home through changes in plumbing.


  • Consider the design. Is the overall design of your bathroom old or outdated? Has the wallpaper not been changed since the late 80’s? The growing trend of custom bathrooms in Bucks County, PA means that buyers are pickier than ever when it comes to interior design- and this includes the bathroom. Researching new trends in colors and designs will help keep your bathroom up-to-date and more valuable in the mind of buyers.


  • Clear contaminants. While most people assume that when they turn on their faucet, the water that comes out is always clean and pure. However, there may be contaminants lurking in your water. For example, if you notice a rotten egg smell when running water in your home, you probably have a large amount of hydrogen sulfide lurking in your plumbing. Our plumbing services can help you figure out if your water is contaminated, and decide the best course of action to clean up your water. Similarly, if your water does not run clear, it may be because there are contaminants caught in your drain. We recommend calling one of our plumbing experts, as this can make you or potential buyers sick when drinking the water.


  • Take small steps toward updating. If you are renovating your home on a budget, there are small steps that you can take to update the look of your bathroom. Sometimes, something as simple as replacing old faucets can completely change the image of your home in the minds of potential buyers.


If you wish to learn more about improving the resale value of your home, contact Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing to receive the finest plumbing and heating services in the Glenside, PA region.