Steam Heater Services

Steam heaters are safe and versatile, producing low or high pressure steam or hot water. They can be used for industrial processes, commercial heating, or for home comfort heating purposes.

Although they are absolutely safe, it's important to have an experienced professional install, inspect, maintain and repair your steam heating system. If improperly installed or maintained, there are possible safety hazard concerns -- fittings are often not connected properly and an experienced professional knows how to check for leaks.

Steam Heater Installation

Josephs Affordable Plumbing and Heating is your reliable, full service “steam heater installation” service in Philadelphia, and in all of our great neighborhoods throughout our City! We offer quality “steam heater installation”, maintenance and repair at reasonable prices, and we're ready to service all steam heater makes and models. Josephs Affordable Plumbing and Heating offers all types of steam heater installation, repairs, service, upgrades, as well as full steam heater installations!

Steam Heater Repair

If your steam heater has stopped working, that doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced. Steam heaters can often be fixed, and can even run as good as new once the correct repairs are made. Our heating technicians our thoroughly trained in steam heater repair and maintenance. One of our specialists will assess the situation of your heater, discuss what your options are, and make recommendations on how to proceed. We get the job done quickly and affordably, so you can relax in a warm comfortable home -- and save a lot of money too!


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