Aside from providing plumbing and heating services, one other service that we at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing excel in is bathroom remodeling. In fact, over the past three decades, we have helped many of our customers turn their bathroom from something lifeless, dull, or ordinary, into a room that they never want to leave. So, we thought it would be great to compile and share a list of five things (tips) we have found that our past customers have done to their “old” bathroom to make it even better than it was before!

The road to a better bathroom all starts with seeing how much space you have.

Have you ever walked into a bathroom that had bland and white walls, a couple cabinets, a sink, bathtub/shower, and hardly any personality? If you have, how did you feel—big or small? Chances are you felt small. One of the first things you should do to make your bathroom better is to capitalize on all of the “white” and empty space. You can add shelves, decorations, additional lights, mirrors, and some other things that will turn an otherwise boring and seemingly large bathroom into something cozier.

If you are installing a new bathtub or shower, sit and stand in them.

If you are buying a new bathtub or shower at a store such as Home Depot or Sears, we strongly suggest that you take a moment (as awkward as it might be) to sit and stand in them. According to one source we found, more and more people are assessing bathtubs for their comfort and neck support BEFORE they buy them. This means that we also advise you do your shopping in a store before you purchase a cheap bathtub or shower online.

Select elegant fixtures and mirrors.

These days, mirrors come in other shapes beside squares and rectangles. Also, sinks come in more than just white acrylic with brown cabinets underneath. If you do desire something elegant, we suggest a pair of porcelain and decorate pedestal sinks and some lighted mirrors to help brighten the room.

Choose flooring that is durable.

If you are considering a new bathroom floor, we strongly suggest that you purchase flooring that is durable. In other words, you need a material that will be water resistant! Some flooring materials that are ideal for bathrooms include stone, ceramic, and marble tiles. Nothing can be worse than choosing carpet or solid wood for a bathroom floor because of the sheer fact that they collect moisture. Also, carpeted bathroom floors are hard to keep clean, and the wood will crack because of all the moisture!

If you have the funds, add extra amenities!

If you have tons of additional spaces to work with consider installing amenities such as a TV, radio, or a makeup vanity. In all, don’t see it is as just a “bathroom,” see it as another room you are decorating in your home that just happens to be the bathroom!

Ultimately, there are many ways that you can make your bathroom truly exceptional. If you would like to hear more, give us a call at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing!