Have a Plumbing Emergency? Here’s what to do to save your house from damage!

A plumbing emergency can be unpredictable at times. But when an emergency does occur, it’s important to remember to keep a cool head and think on your feet in order to properly manage the situation. The steps outlined below will help you manage an emergency until the plumber arrives.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you get through a stress of a leak:

  •  Shut off the water to the source of the leak. Typically, every sink and toilet should have a shut off valve at the base or behind of your commode. If you cannot locate the shut off valve, there will be a master shut off valve in your basement. (Note: This will stop the flow of water to the whole house).
  • Check the water heater. In a major plumbing emergency, you may also want to consider turning off the water heater in order to avoid damage to the unit. After the main water valve is shut off, turn off the heater in order to prevent heat from building up inside of it.
  • Eliminate small leaks. If you see a small leak that is easy to identify and easy to access, then go ahead and stop the flow of water the best you can. Keeping some plumbers tape in you toolbox will make this chore a lot easier. Worst case scenario, just leave a bucket under the leak to prevent damage to your home.
  • Open drains and spigots. After the water is shut off, there will still be water in your pipes even after the main water valve is shut off. You can relieve some of that water pressure by locating the spigots outside of your home to redirect the water flow. Giving the garden house a few squirts is one way to relieve that pressure.
  • Call a plumber and listen. As an emergency is occurring people often forget to call a plumber. It is best to be alert and call right away to minimize the risk of damage to your home. Small problems have a way of becoming much larger, that’s why it’s best to call a professional right away so they can help you manage the situation.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about handling an emergency! And as always, check back soon for more of Joseph’s Tips & Tricks, where you can learn more ways to keep your home functioning efficiently — and save money on maintenance!