DIY Home Insulation Tips

Heating your home can be expensive! It’s true — as winter temperatures plummet, the heating bill seems to skyrocket. A warm and comfortable home is a necessity, but there are a few things you can do to help decrease the costs. Here are a few DIY home insulation tips that can save you a pretty penny!

  • Curtains – the thicker the better. A lot of heat can escape through the closed windows of your home. Thick curtains are relatively cheap (and can be nice looking!), and they’re a great way to prevent heat from escaping and cold drafts from entering.
  • Even though it’s cold outside, natural sunlight will absolutely help to warm your home. It’s best to open your curtains and let as much in as possible during the day and then immediately close the curtains as the sun goes down.
  • Put tin foil behind your radiators. This is a great way to deflect the radiator’s heat back into the room, as opposed to letting it escape through the wall behind it.
  • Bare floorboards account for a huge amount of heat loss, particualry if the floors aren’t insulated. As an added bonus, a warm rug will feel much better on your feet.

Stay warm this winter everyone! Don’t forget to check back soon for more tips & tricks. Contact Joseph’s Affordable for any of your plumbing or heating needs! The most affordable Philadelphia plumber!


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