Changing a furnace filter is a great way to increase your heater’s efficiency. Essentially, the filters are installed to trap particles, dust, and dirt in order to prevent them from damaging components of the heating system. In addition though, a pleasant benefit is that these filters also improve your home’s air quality by trapping dirt and bacteria that you’re much better off not breathing – which in the absence of a filter, would circulate through out your home. Assuming you’re using standard basic filters, we recommend changing your filter frequently – once every six weeks.

The actual procedure for swapping out your old filter is extremely simple! You just turn off your furnace and locate its service panel. Next, remove the old filter by sliding it out, and then slide the new filter in its place. Finally, turn your furnace back on.

philadelphia heating serviceYou don’t want your filter to look like this!

We also found this great video courtesy of that can help you with the process! Check it out:

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