3 Steps to Clean Out a Smelly Drain

Have you noticed that your bathroom or kitchen smells a little gross? Does opening the windows, spraying air freshener, and changing the garbage cans do little to help the smell? The odor may be coming from your drain! Our drains do some heavy lifting—and sometimes, food, debris, bacteria, and other odor-causing substances can get caught and cause unpleasant scents to get stuck in the house. If your drains have started to stink, try these three remedies!

  • Check your p-trap. Your p-trap is your sink’s first line of defense against odors because it prevents sewer drainage from coming back up your pipes where you can smell it. However, sometimes blockages can cause the p-trap to back up, resulting in clogs and smelly drains. Look underneath your sink for your p-trap; it should look like a big curved section of pipe. Place a bucket under the p-trap and twist the knob on the bottom to flush it out.
  • Clean the drain with commercial cleaning solutions. Sometimes, all drains need to get rid of odors is a thorough cleaning. Though most drain cleaning solutions sold in stores will do the trick, you can also whip up a more natural solution at home by pouring baking soda down your drain followed by one cup of white vinegar and one cup of hot water.
  • If all else fails, call in the professionals. If the smell in your drain won’t go away, the problem may lie deeper in your pipes. Calling a professional plumber who provides sewer line replacements in Philadelphia, PA can help you locate the problem at its root.

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