What to Do if Your Ring Falls Down the Sink

If you have a wedding band or other valuable item fall down your drain, your first instinct may be to panic and assume it’s gone forever. Fortunately, as every good plumber in Montgomery County PA knows, it is possible to save a ring from the clutches of your drain if you know what to do. If you follow these steps, you will be able to save your jewelry from the drain!

  • Don’t run any water. Running water down your drain can cause your ring to move further down the pipe, making it harder to retrieve. Do not run any water as soon as you notice the ring slip down the drain.
  • Find the p-trap. Look under your sink for the p-trap—that’s the curved section of your pipe. Place a bucket underneath the p-trap and locate the p-trap access plug. The access plug should look like a large plug or a big plastic screw-top. If you have an older sink, you may not have a p-trap access plug. In this case, you should call a plumber immediately to help.
  • Pull the plug. Remove the access plug, allowing water to pour into the bucket. Fish through the water for your ring—if it hasn’t moved down the pipe, it should be conveniently in the bucket.
  • Replace the plug. Replace the access plug. Run water through the pipe before removing the bucket to make sure that there are no leaks.

Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing knows that when you have a plumbing concern, your peace of mind won’t return until the issue has been resolved. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to save your wedding band or other valuable jeweler should it fall down the drain. We also offer a host of non-emergency services, including toilet unclogging and drain cleaning in Philadelphia, PA. Should you ever find yourself in a plumbing emergency, don’t panic—call the professionals at 215-310-5945!