Don’t put it off any longer – winter has officially arrived. The next few months in the northeastern section of the country are going to be unrelentingly cold. As a Philadelphia area homeowner, it’s important that you get up to date with your routine maintenance and inspection.

Pipes are subject to freezing and heaters, furnaces, and appliances face the risk of malfunctioning. If these problems are caught early, you can avoid a very expensive mess. A simple phone call could save you thousands of dollars and a huge headache.

It’s definitely important to keep up to date with home inspections. We recommend that homeowners have their plumbing and heating systems inspected at least once a year. The winter months are especially hard on these systems. Finding a small problem before it develops into a costly one is the name of the game – and Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing and Heating are the masters of that game.

Through inspections, our licensed and insured plumbers have been saving homeowners thousands of dollars each year. And they’ve been at it for decades.

If you don’t catch the problem in time, Joseph’s Affordable offers 24/7 Emergency services as well. Plumbing problems may be unique, but after decades, there’s nothing that we haven’t seen.