3 Signs Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

The quicker a sewer line blockage is detected, the better and cheaper it is for you. A sewer backup is one of those issues that never seems to matter until something happens. A clogged sewer line that is not immediately addressed can lead to extensive, costly repairs.


On top of putting a hurt on your wallet, a backed-up sewer can also lead to exposure to contaminated water. To keep everyone in your home protected, keep an eye out for these three warning signs from our experts at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing that there may be a clogged sewer line.


More Than One Clogged Drain


The biggest warning sign that there is a clog in the main drain is that you have more than one bad drain. If the master bedroom shower and main floor powder room toilet are both experiencing bubbling, the water level rise or giving off a bad smell, there is a solid chance your main line could be clogged. If the problems seem to only arise in one area of the house, you have a clog in that specific rooms line.


One Thing Affects Another


When you hop in the shower and the water level of the toilet rises, you may certainly have a clog somewhere in the line. The same goes for any other appliance in the house that requires water. If when you run the washer machine and a nearby sink starts to overflow, you definitely have a problem with your sewer.


It’s Been Awhile Since You Called Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing


Living in the Greater Philadelphia area we are no stranger to the winter storms that hit us every February and March. Because of the frigid temperatures and snow we see each winter, homeowners are encouraged to get their pipes inspected every spring. A burst pipe can be very costly and damaging to your home. One way to lower your chance of a pipe bursting is by having our experts at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing inspect your pipes following winter.


We here at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing have been inspecting pipes and eliminating clogs in sewer lines for over 30 years. For more information on our services or to see what makes us the best company for water line replacement in Philadelphia, PA and emergency plumbing in Philadelphia, browse our website or contact us today!