3 Thanksgiving Dinner Remnants to Keep Away From Your Garbage Disposal

Contrary to popular belief, your garbage disposal is not the same thing as your garbage can. Your garbage disposal should only be used for soft, disposable food scraps, but with Thanksgiving coming up, you may be tempted to toss everything down the disposal so you can watch the football game a little quicker.


This year, save yourself the headache of a garbage disposal disaster and spend more time with your family by avoiding throwing these Thanksgiving staples in the garbage disposal. If you do need to call plumber in Montgomery County, PA, contact our team at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing today.


  • Under no circumstances should you ever throw chicken or turkey bones down your garbage disposal. They’re way too hard for your system to handle, and will likely bring your disposal’s gears to a grinding halt.


  • Though it might not be as hard as a turkey bone, grease tends to congeal when it cools, which can cause a massive clogged mess in your drain when mixing with other food scraps caught in the disposal. In order to safely get rid of hot grease, keep some empty cans (like from canned green beans or soda), and gently pour the grease into the can, depositing it into the trash can as soon as it cools.


  • Fibrous foods. Anything that you would describe as “stringy” (like celery, kale or asparagus) should be kept far away from the garbage disposal. These “stringy” substances tend to wrap around the gears of the disposal and cause a clog.


If you need quick assistance for your plumbing and heating, don’t be afraid to give Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing a call! We offer emergency plumbing in Philadelphia, PA so a clogged drain or pipe won’t ruin your Thanksgiving festivities.