3 Reasons Why Your Toilet May Be Clogged

If you’re having an issue with your toilet, the chances are high that a clog is what’s causing the problem. By far, the most common household plumbing issue is a clogged toilet, which can cause frustration in your family and an unsanitary bathroom. Understanding why your toilet may be clogged can help you avoid more clogs in the future.

Read on to learn the three most common reasons why your toilet might be clogged, and don’t forget to get the help you need from our team at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing, the plumbing experts in Northeast Philadelphia, as soon as you need it!


  • You flushed something that belongs in the trash. Your toilet is only equipped to handle certain objects, mostly those that are soft and malleable. Flushing things like Q-tips, dental floss and cotton balls can cause a constant flow of backup problems. If you have small children, be sure to closely monitor them closely as they have been known to flush their toys!


  • You have a clogged toilet trap. Your trap is a curved pipe that sits below the back of the base of your toilet and stops toilet gases from entering your home. Your toilet trap can be clogged by a number of substances, ranging from a ball of toilet tissue or facial wipes, and can result in a deep-rooted clog that’s difficult to plunge.


  • You have a low-flow toilet. If you own an older home, you may have a toilet that has water pressure that’s simply too weak to clear its trap effectively. Older toilets take longer to flush, and can easily back up.


Have a stubborn clog that just won’t seem to come undone with your plunger? Don’t let your family start 2018 with a clogged commode! Give our team at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing a call today at 267-984-3088 to speak with some of the most reasonably priced plumbers and boiler installation experts in the Philadelphia, PA area!