3 Reasons You Need a New Boiler Installed

While you may not always realize it due to their location, there are some pretty important pieces of equipment in your home that significantly impact your day to day life. Take, for instance, your boiler. This piece of heating equipment pumps hot water through your radiant heating pipes and is distributed throughout your home.


However, when you start to notice heating problems, your boiler may be to blame, meaning it could be time for boiler installation in Philadelphia, PA. Here are three reasons why you need to consider a new boiler.


Difficulty Finding Parts

 Arguably, one of the most popular reasons for needing a new boiler installation is that parts can no longer be purchased for your unit. Depending on the age of your boiler, it may save you time and more money down the road to consider a new installation. With a limited supply of parts available for older units, you risk continual problems arising in the future too.



Warranty No Longer Covers Your Boiler

Everybody understands that warranties are a great thing, but eventually, they will run out. When you begin to notice problems with your boiler, the best thing to do is call our service technicians at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing. Based on the issues you are facing, and if your boiler is no longer covered by your warranty, a new boiler installation may be necessary.



Boiler Not Running Efficiently  

The efficiency of your boiler is very important. If you have a boiler that has been sitting in your home for upwards of 20 years, it may not be just a safety hazard, but also a money guzzler. Installing a modern, new boiler system in your home will help drive down heating and energy bills and keep more money in your pocket.


Here at Joseph’s Affordable Plumbing, we have over three decades of experience installing boilers and working in the service industry. Our plumbers service residential properties throughout Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding region. Contact us today at 215-310-5945 to schedule your boiler installation.