How Neglecting Your Plumbing Can Damage Your Home

Proper plumbing and drain maintenance aren’t only good for your home; they’re good for your wallet as well. Everyone, no matter where they live, should be practicing mindful plumbing care because it actually saves money in the long-run. Experts in plumbing and heating in Glenside, PA frequently see issues that could be avoided with regular plumbing maintenance. Read on to learn some of the best tips you can use in your everyday life to avoid future issues with your plumbing.


  • Keep certain things out of your drain. Most drains are small and are only meant to accommodate soft, small items. However, many people (incorrectly) believe that their drains are a second garbage can. Our experts provide drain cleaning in Philadelphia, PA and have seen everything from Q-tips to coffee grounds shoved down drains. Even if you have a garbage disposal, limit your use of the drains to soft, small chunks of food.


  • Remember outdoor drains. In most cases, your indoor and outdoor plumbing are connected to one another. This means that cleaning gutters and other outdoor drains can lead to more sanitary indoor drains as well. Calling a qualified plumber in Huntingdon Valley, PA, for regular outdoor maintenance can reduce the risk of indoor backups and clogs.


  • Consider natural alternatives. Most commercial drain cleaners use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean out your pipes. While these ingredients will do a good job of loosening blockades and will not immediately damage your piping, use over time can cause corrosion and contribute to other issues over time. If you have older piping or simply want to use more natural cleaning methods, consider doing your drain cleaning with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This method will not damage your pipes and will begin to loosen any clots or blockages currently hiding in your drains.


Follow these tips to avoid plumbing disasters. If you are a dealing with an issue, we encourage you to contact us today for quality plumbing service!