Three Signs Your Sewer is Clogged

You may have never noticed how important your sewer is until something goes wrong. Your sewer lines are necessary for everything in your house that uses water, whether it be doing the laundry, showering, cooking and even doing the dishes, none of them would be possible without a working sewer line.

Sewer backups can cause a whole range of problems. From small problems like slow drains to even major problems like overflowing toilets. It is vital for you to know these four signs of a possible sewer backup before it happens, leading to a major repair.

It is important to remember that your sewer tank is made up multiple lines that all eventually lead back to the main tank. When you have a clog in just one of the rooms in your home, the trouble should be limited to the area. When you have a clog in the main line, it can cause problems all over the house. Neither situation should be ignored.

Use these three signs to help decided if you’ve got a sewer backup that needs immediate attention.



If a pipe is clogged and you flush the toilet, air will get trapped within the pipe. This will cause the water to bubble whenever there is activity. Bubbles may appear when you flush a toilet or when a sink is trying to drain. The best way to check and see if you have an actual clog, fill up your sink, tub or shower with a few inches of water and watch it drain to see if any bubbles appear. Checking your toilet is different; flush the toilet and look for bubbles after your flush.

After checking your toilet, sink, shower and tub, if all of your appliances are bubbling, you have a problem with the main sewer line. If just one of them is bubbling, you have a clog in just that specific line.

More Than One Drain is Clogged

Hair, toilet paper and grease can all be common things that can cause a clog in your plumbing lines. Unclogging the drain with a plumber will eliminate this problem. But if you are having multiple clogged drains all at the same time, that is a red-flag that you have a plumbing problem. It’s a bigger warning sign if you’re experiencing clogs in guest bathrooms or mudroom sinks that you don’t use as frequently as the master bathroom.

Toilets Aren’t Flushing Like They Should

One of the most common signs of a sewer backup comes from toilet problems. If the toilet isn’t flushing as it should be and plunging doesn’t really help, that’s another sign that you are having sewer problems. Toilet problems can be a big deal and not something you want to put off getting repaired.

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